Vienna Economic Forum Decoration for Amb Victor Jackovich, Member of the Board of Vienna Economic Forum

On 9 May 2017 the newly elected Member of the Board of Vienna Economic Forum Amb Victor JackovichPresident of Jackovich International LLC, USA and Secretary General Ambassador Dr Elena Kirtcheva discussed the active cooperation for further support of the economic development in the countries of the VEF-Region.

Special attention was being paid to 21-22 May 2017, the upcoming Vienna Economic Talks – Belgrade Meeting 2017 at which Amb Victor Jackovich will participate as Moderator of the First Evening Session “The Responsibility to be Regionally Connected” on 21 May 2017.

The Vienna Economic Forum Decoration which Members of the Board are handed, Amb Jackovich received with great pleasure.

The Team of Vienna Economic Forum gladly announces the date 6 November 2017 for the 14th Vienna Economic Forum – Vienna Future Dialogue 2017 – “Economy meets Politics: Ecounters and Controversies” and is asking Members and Partners to “save the date”.

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